anti-eviction mapping project

Prop G

The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project supports Proposition G and sees it as a way to curb the rampant speculation currently devastating San Francisco.

We find it poignant that Ellis Act evictors and associations supportive of the Ellis Act are funding the No on Prop G campaign.

We find it ironic that the No on Prop G campaign is sending out mailers purporting that Prog G does not allow enough protections against seniors, when notorious speculators, such as Sergio Iantorno, who disproportionately evict seniors, are funding the No on G campaign. Other companies, such as Vanguard Properties, co-founded by Michael Harrison, speculator and Ellis Act evictor, are donating as well.

It seems that those who want to defend their right to utilize the Ellis Act in speculation are most interested in defeating Prop G - a grassroots endeavor to curb real estate speculation by taxing those who flip within five years of ownership.

Our research as shown, that 79% of Ellis Act evictions in 2013 transpired within the first five years of ownership. As much as 60% transpired within the first year alone.


Clearly, speculators are the ones utilzing the Ellis Act the most, and defending it the most through the No on G campaign.



#StopTheFlip #YesOnG

Anti-Eviction Mapping Project