No-Fault Evictions in San Francisco,
1997 to 2013

0 evictions due to THE ELLIS ACT
0 evictions due to OWNER-MOVE-IN
0 evictions due to DEMOLITION
0 total no-fault evictions

This map depicts all no-fault evictions filed from between January 1997 and October 14, 2013 filed at the Rent Board, including Ellis Act Evictions, Owner-Move-In Evictions, and Demolition Evictions. The number of evictions corresponds to units evicted per petition, but the number of people evicted per unit is unknown. This map does not encapsulate the true level of displacement, as buyouts, eviction threats, and rent increases have forced thousands of residents out of their homes. Some people also self-evict because they don’t understand their rights, or because they don't want to fight against an eviction, even if it is illegal. While the city does not collect this data, we are through our survey here, where we are also collecting qualitative and demographic data about those evicted or threatened with eviction.

In 1998 the loopholes for owner-move-in (OMI) evictions were altered via a ballot measure. As our timeline and chart of no-fault evictions show, they had been wildly abused before that. Now only one owner is allowed to move into a building and they must live there for three years before they can re-rent. A building that has evicted either a senior with ten plus years of tenancy and/or a disabled tenant can never become a condo. Due to public pressure, there is now a ten year waiting period for condo converstion if the Ellis Act was used. Public pressure and local legislation can make a difference during speculative booms.

Remember, if you are a tenant, you have rights and should receive compensation if being evicted. Your landlord cannot simply declare, “You are evicted,” or, "I'm moving in." If you are served a notice, quickly seek help at a tenants organization, such as the San Francisco Tenants Union, the Housing Rights Committee, the Tenderloin Housing Clinic, Causa Justa, or the Chinatown Community Development Center. You can also join an eviction defense direct action group such as Eviction Free San Francisco.

You can submit your story to our crowdsourced Map of Loss and Displacement here!

Also, please take our pledge to boycott renting or buying from a landlord who has profitted by displacing tenants here! You can also look up an address to determine its eviction history.