anti-eviction mapping project



Donors Directly Involved in the Eviction Crisis Include Employees of the Following Companies:


    Wasserman & Stern - Specialists in the three day notice.

    San Francisco Apartments Association – Main lobbying force for anti-tenant legislation. They hate rent control but they love the Ellis Act.

    Stephen Adams, Sterling Bank – Leaders in complicated TIC mortgages. The “bully of Castro Street.”

    Flynn investments – Currently evicting a 31 unit building.

    James & Jeanne Sangiacomo – Known as “the father of rent control” not because he endorsed it but because he jacked up rents so high in the 1970s that tenants organized and rent control was created.

    Victor Makras – Another property manager and real estate agent whose company is known for not addressing repairs.

    A Zephyr Real Estate Agent - Coaches buyers through the Ellis to TIC proces; Specializes in selling buildings "Delivered Vacant". Founder W. Drypulcher donates to anti-rent control campaign. Dirty Dozen's Bonnie Spindler is also a Zephyr agent. One Zephyr
    agent's flyer read: "Call and ask me about Ellis Evictions."


Anti-Eviction Mapping Project