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    Like David Chiu, David Campos gets the highest percentage of donations from those working in the Real Estate Sales and Building industry: 26%. However, his donors tend to be smaller: agents, property managers, architects. He does have a large donation from RJM Properties, which markets luxury sales,  who donated to both candidates.

    We found some cynical donors playing both sides and donating to both candidates, presumably for access. This strategy was especially prominent amongst developers and lawyers.

    His second and third highest categories of donations are: Organized labor (11%) and social causes (9%).

    A donation from an evictor/developer was returned by Campos after the evictee complained to Campos’s office. There are no Ellis Act evictor donations.

    Chiu raised almost double what Campos did in direct campaign donations. The recent anti-Campos ads were paid for by nefarious PACs, as independent expenditures—this way donors to ugly campaign ads can remain anonymous.

    Chiu has an independent expenditure fund worth over $200,000, funded by tech moguls Reid Hoffman and Mr. and Mrs. Conway, who ran ugly campaign ads while remaining semi-anonymous. 

    This is Hoffman's blog calling for voters to make a better choice than Campos.

    Here is state reporting.

    And an article about it.





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